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Steel building systems provide the flexibility, aesthetics and durability for multi-story residential structures

5% Growth Multi-story buildings pictured with an upward camera angle

Multi-family design faces a rapid evolution in the wake of the pandemic. Steel building systems can guide you through it.

After an unstable 2021, multi-family construction is expected to rebound in 2022. The National Association of Home Builders predicts 5 percent growth in the market next year.

The gains should put multi-family design at a premium, with project owners seeking accelerated construction timelines, flexible structural planning, optimized floor plans and sustainable products. Post-pandemic needs include fewer common areas and living spaces designed for multiple uses.

Innovative steel building systems from innovative suppliers meet the needs of the evolving market. Long-span roof and floor deck, thin-slab floors and joists maximize the potential of multi-family design.

The following projects feature a range of steel building systems to achieve a variety of design and construction goals.

100 Norfolk St.

With space at a premium in New York City, the project team behind a 12-story condominium building on the Lower East Side found a unique way to get the most out of a small plot of land. Using a deep-ribbed long-span composite floor system, the building features cantilevered floors over adjacent buildings to achieve greater square footage on the upper levels while adhering to strict zoning height limitations. The deep-ribbed profile of Deep-Dek® Composite made the cantilevered portion of the structure possible, reducing support sizing (steel beams, columns and lateral bracing).

Read more about this project here.

100 Norfolk St. exterior

Exterior of cantilevered building featuring composite floors.

66 Boerum Place

Part of the trend of converting historic buildings to mixed-use projects, 66 Boerum Place in Brooklyn in New York City features a range of steel building systems. The main structural components are wide-flange beams supporting a deep-ribbed composite floor system, in this case Deep-Dek 6.0 Composite. The combination creates wide-open spaces inside and out. Composite floor deck supports the exterior balconies, while 3-inch type N roof deck is used throughout.

See photos of this project here.

66 Boerum Place

Deep-Dek Composite floors enable open-span designs.

443 Greenwich Tribeca Condominiums

This historic conversion in Lower Manhattan, New York City, turned a factory built in 1883 into a 260,000-square-foot condominium building. The Deep-Dek 4.5 Composite deep-ribbed long-span composite floor system preserves the former bookbindery’s original exposed wood columns and beams while opening the design space to a degree not achievable using deeper, conventional floor structures. Deep-ribbed composite floors can span up to 36 feet without supporting columns, limit vibration and control sound.

See photos of this project here.

Deep-Dek Composite steel deck panels on original wood beams create an open floor plan..

CityPlace in Springwoods Village

Offering the erection speed and flexibility of steel and the strength and durability of concrete, Versa-Dek® long-span composite floor deck was used throughout the CityPlace mixed-use facility in Springwoods Village in Spring, Texas. A composite floor system requires up to 40 percent less concrete than poured-in-place concrete floors. In addition, composite floors optimize space significantly. A 6-story building, for example, can be designed under 60 feet using this system. CityPlace also features type B roof deck and 0.6 form deck.

See photos of this project here.

Elan Heights

In Houston, Texas, the Elan Heights multi-story residential building optimizes living spaces with a dovetail composite floor deck, Versa-Dek 2.0 LS ES and 3.5 LS, to create 28-foot clear spans. The thin-slab Versa-Dek floors reduce story height while maximizing ceiling height. Versa-Dek can be installed in a way that staggers its dovetail sections to create barriers to the transmission of fire, smoke and sound. UL fire-endurance-rated for two hours, the decking met code without special drywall work or installation of fire-retardant material in the deck flutes.

See photos of this project here.

Condos Elan Heights entrance interior

Versa-Dek long-span composite floors create open spans without increasing floor slab thickness.

Sam Houston State University

At Sam Houston State University, a new residence hall uses dovetail composite floors, standard composite floors, type B roof deck and type N roof deck. Housing 684 students, New Millennium supplied Versa-Dek 2.0 LS and ES, 2.0 composite deck, type N roof deck and 1.5B deck for the project in Huntsville, Texas.

See photos of this project here.

Uplift multi-family design and construction

Create attractive spaces and safer interiors. Design for flexibility and speed to market. Reduce foundation loads and total building costs. Multi-family design and construction is evolving in response to the needs of tenants and owners alike during the pandemic.

Steel building systems, including steel joists, joist girders, and long-span roof and floor deck, meet the five emerging demands of multi-family design.

  • Flexibility
  • Constructability
  • Environment
  • Aesthetics
  • Sustainability

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