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Our biggest project yet: Improving your online experience

From helpful tools to informative articles, our new website is designed for building success together

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New Millennium Building Systems has been involved in countless projects over the years, from airports, train stations and bridges to hospitals, arenas, office buildings and schools and many more. We’ve just recently completed one our biggest, and we’re excited to share it with you: A brand-new New Millennium website.

While most obvious is the refined and contemporary look of the site—including a new color palette, font, photos and graphics—we’ve also improved the navigation and organization as well as incorporated helpful and useful features such as an entirely new set of design tools and an informative blog that will be regularly updated.

Everything we’ve done with the new site is designed with you the user in mind. Content is more intuitively organized and clearly labeled. The font choice and color scheme should make content easier to read. Material has been consolidated to shorten your journey from Point A to Point B. From top to bottom, the site has been almost completely rewritten to better deliver the information users are here to find.

Although those upgrades are important and noteworthy, we’re really eager to share some new additions to our site.

Comprehensive design tools

Design Tools Deck Tool interface

A long time in the making, our comprehensive collection of steel deck and steel joist design tools is a digital assistant of sorts, streamlining and simplifying the specification and design of your project. From straightforward to mind-bendingly complex projects, our new online tools can be a vital part of your design. They provide architects and engineers everything they need to build a better steel experience.

Our newly updated and expanded deck tools are invaluable in helping you specify the right deck for your project. Gone are the days of endlessly thumbing through catalogs to find what you need. You can generate load tables and diaphragm design tables customized specifically for your project. Updated to the latest industry standards for roof deck, composite deck and form deck, the tools can deliver more than 70,000 design permutations, helping you to increase project performance and reduce project costs. Simply input your project data and our tool does the rest.

Not to be outdone, our legacy steel joist, special profile joist and joist girder tools make it easier to specify our products, introducing a range of project performance and cost improvements.

Our complete digital tools line is all part of our mission to better serve you and your project needs.

Enhanced product information and details

Engineer on computer with drawing on display

Whether it is low-rise or mid-rise buildings, multi-family facilities or high-rise office structures, multi-story construction is a growing sector. That’s why we’ve dedicated a new section of our website to our long-span composite systems that are ideal for multi-story and multi-family construction.

Our composite joists, Deep-Dek® deep-ribbed composite and Versa-Dek® dovetail composite systems are now easily found under the Long-Span Composite tab. These systems create shallow floor depths and long clear spans, making them ideal for multi-story construction.

On each composite system page, you’ll also find links to informative and relevant education courses, brochures and case studies as well as contact details for our long-span composite specialists.

Valuable content and resources

Tablet display a New Millennium blog article

Our specialists at New Millennium have decades of expertise to share with our users and the steel building systems industry as a whole. We’ll be featuring those insights as well as news, product announcements, print publication appearances and other noteworthy topics on a brand-new, frequently updated blog.

At least twice a month, we’ll have a new blog entry for our users. Our case studies, previously known as Roof-Lines, will be one of the cornerstones of our blog. We have exciting, interesting and some simply jaw-dropping in-depth case studies in the works right now that we’ll be sharing throughout the year. We also will feature smaller project profiles that are interesting in their own right.

The new-look New Millennium website is an extension of our commitment to building success together. We believe you will find it is a valuable resource. See for yourself.

Building a better steel experience