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How to overcome challenges in today’s building markets

Design of schools, offices, multi-family residential, and warehouses and data centers is evolving

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Steel building systems provide the flexibility and efficiency required in today’s building markets.

Calling 2020-2021 a time of upheaval would not be inaccurate. Optimists would consider it part of our collective evolution. However you refer to it, 2020-2021 for the built environment industries could be called The Great Rethinking.

Building design and construction has changed in ways big and small to accommodate new behaviors and beliefs, circumstances and situations, particularly in the education, multi-family residential, multi-story office, and warehouse and data center markets. This evolution is both an opportunity and challenge.

How do architecture, engineering, construction, and building owner/developer firms approach projects moving forward? Innovative steel building systems from innovative-thinking suppliers are essential in this new era.

A new series of design and construction guides identifies five major challenges in the education, multi-family residential, multi-story office, and warehouse and data center markets and how to overcome them using steel joists, and steel floor and roof deck.


Innovations in educational facility design have typically been reserved for college campuses and post-secondary education. In the current climate, more attention is being paid to the design of primary and secondary schools.

School library with acoustical roof deck

Nowadays, school design priorities include open floor plans that promote collaboration; spacious interiors that prioritize health and safety; sustainable building methods and materials; modern aesthetics; and controlling interior acoustics. These priorities represent five challenges for school design teams and construction crews.

Steel buildings systems consisting of long-span steel deck systems, including roof deck and composite floor deck; standard steel joists; and joist girders offer the benefits to efficiently face the new school of design thought.

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An untold number of people worldwide discovered while isolating at home that their living spaces just aren’t designed to be adequate substitutes for offices, gyms, restaurants and other public places. Nor are they designed for social distancing. This is especially true of multi-family and multi-story residential structures with common areas and shared spaces.

Interior bar of Aloft Hotel New Millennium Composite Deck Versa-Dek®

To address those concerns, multi-family building design must now prioritize flexibility and better living environments while continuing to address longtime issues such as constructability, aesthetics and sustainability. Together these five factors will guide multi-family design and construction for the foreseeable future.

As this sector could continue to change, nimble steel building systems suppliers become ever more important. The steel building systems from these suppliers provide ideal solutions, among them thin slab, long-span composite floors and long-span steel roof deck.

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Multi-story office

“This is the end of the office as we know it,” a Vox headline boldly declared in April 2020. More than 18 months later, that statement holds true. Businesses large and small are rethinking their workspaces to not only safeguard employee health but also to accommodate smaller workforces now that work-from-home has proven successful.

Multi-story office interior with New Millennium steel deck and composite deck Deep-Dek®

Multi-story office designs must change to protect workers’ well-being while facilitating safe collaboration. Constructability, work environment, aesthetics and sustainability join flexibility as the five primary issues in modern-day office design and construction.

Innovative steel building systems—long-span steel roof and floor structures; standard steel joists; and special profile joists—along with an innovative-thinking supplier are the answer to the evolving multi-story office segment.

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Warehouse and data centers

Shopping and interacting online has exploded in popularity, building on a trend that already was experiencing incredible growth. Consequently, the demand for warehouses that store goods and data centers that hold digital information also has skyrocketed.

Warehouse New Millennium Roof Deck, Steel Joists and Girders

Today’s warehouse and data center storage spaces must be designed and built with speed-to-market in mind, along with flexibility, optimized MEP integration, building performance, and sustainability.

To optimize storage space while meeting the five challenges, design teams should consider steel joists; composite steel joists; joist girders; and long-span steel roof and floor structures.

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New Millennium supplies steel building systems ideal for the evolving education, multi-family, multi-story office, and warehouse and data center markets. Steel joists, joist girders, and long-span steel roof and floor structures provide design and construction teams the tools to efficiently overcome the combined 20 challenges in these four markets. Our new design guides show you how.

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