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12 facts about steel joists and steel deck

Discover next-level benefits of these essential steel building systems

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Make a big difference on your next project. Here are 12 things you should know about steel joists and deck.

Steel joists and steel deck offer many benefits over other building systems, chief among them being reduced costs and improved project performance. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It takes a supplier with extensive knowledge of steel joists and steel deck to help customers take full advantage of the benefits of these steel building systems. That’s where we come in. Our specialists have extensive experience and will help ensure your project is a success.

To start, below are 12 beneficial facts about steel joists and steel deck building systems. For even more in-depth details about steel joists and deck, contact a specialist with deep knowledge about these steel building systems.

1. Deep-ribbed composite keeps weight down

Long-span deep-ribbed composite floors featuring Deep-Dek® Composite weigh up to 40 percent less than comparable cast-in-place concrete floors. Yet they also feature span-to-depth ratios equal to traditional cast-in-place concrete and hollow-core plank.
Go long with Deep-Dek®

2. Specialty joists expand your design options

Our family of specialty joists unlock more than 40,000 special profile steel joist design possibilities. Choose from gable, bowstring, barrel, arched, scissor, sloped or double-pitched joists to achieve stunning design.
Unlock design possibilities

3. Dovetail composite deck keeps things clean

A long-span composite floor system, Versa-Dek® Composite is easy on the eyes—and your budget. It features a dovetail design that conceals all side-lap connections and fastener penetrations, creating a clean, lineal appearance.
Reveal your options

4. Early collaboration reduces project costs

Our specialists can provide early design and engineering assistance on steel joists and deck to reduce materials required for your project, cutting project costs by the thousands as steel tonnage is removed.
Realize your savings

5. Steel bridge deck is custom-designed

Bridge-Dek® stay-in-place forms can be custom-designed to accommodate state regulations as well as individual project needs. The tallest bridge in Minnesota, for instance, features Bridge-Dek® that kept the enormous project ahead of schedule and contained costs.
Start designing

6. Give your deck a finishing touch

Steel deck is available in primer-painted or galvanized finishes to provide protection as well as your desired aesthetic.
See coatings in action

7. Create the longest spans possible

Composite joists and composite deck combine to create the longest open spans possible in multi-story construction, reaching up to 60 feet and beyond. The system produces a stronger, stiffer, lighter and less costly structure compared to other structural steel frame approaches.
Create great expanses

8. Use steel deck as an architectural feature

Perforated N deck can serve as an architecturally unique function visually and practically when used as a covering for a shade plaza.
Expand your design

9. MEPs integrate with steel joists and girders

Running mechanical, electrical or plumbing components through steel joists and joist girders maximizes ceiling height while saving time and reducing costs.
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10. Create the thinnest floor depths

Versa-Dek® Composite Acoustical can achieve clear spans up to 28 feet and provides the thinnest total floor depth possible in multi-story projects while mitigating ambient noise and sound transfer.
Get thin

11. Extend bridge service life

Rhino-Dek® stay-in-place forms have a 124-year service life thanks to a polymer laminate coating that protects it from salt water, brackish water, road salt and other aggressive environments.
Protect your deck

12. Make deck installation safer

Reduce costs and improve safety by shifting Deep-Dek® Composite panel assembly to the ground using the Panelized Delivery Method™.
Improve site safety

BMX Rockstar Energy Drink Bike Park

Rockstar Energy Drink Bike Park

Architect Brett Zamore needed a steel roof deck that could give three buildings at Rockstar Energy Drink Bike Park a unified look while creating open spaces and controlling acoustics. He found it in Versa-Dek® long-span composite floor and acoustical roof deck systems.

Tool-Flo Manufacturing headquarters

Tool-Flo headquarters

For a contemporary twist on the traditional manufacturing aesthetic, architect Rob Hiroshi uses 110-foot bowstring girders, steel joists and steel deck to produce "awe-inspiring" "industrial-art" interior at contemporary Tool-Flo warehouse and production space in Pearland, Texas.

Building a better steel experience