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Dovetail roof deck scores in community center pool

To address humidity and noisy atmosphere, Versa-Dek® gets the call in Kansas indoor pool design

Close up of Dovetail Roof Deck on right. Merriam Natatorium on the left

Indoor pool brings welcome relief to Kansans on hot summer days and brings community together.

Who doesn’t have fond memories of splashing around a swimming pool as a kid, playing Marco Polo, or perfecting cannonballs and can openers?

In Merriam, Kansas, an award-winning indoor pool two years in the making opened in October 2020, giving families a new way to create those memories.

Successful indoor pool design and construction must address challenges unique to these large open spaces. The team behind the Merriam Community Center called on New Millennium Building Systems to supply Versa-Dek steel roof deck for the $30 million project because of their expertise in meeting the challenges of indoor pool design.

Benefits of dovetail roof deck

Indoor pools are a staple in communities nationwide, often the centerpiece in rec centers, schools, universities, apartment complexes, condo buildings and more. But they all face the same obstacles: humid, corrosive environments and cavernous, noisy open spaces.

To support architect Clark & Enersen, New Millennium supplied Versa-Dek 3.5 LS Acoustical roof deck. New Millennium worked with the design team to provide an exposed steel solution with a high-performance coating.

Standing up to corrosion

Versa-Dek, like all steel roof decks, can be supplied with G90 galvanization and surface treatments to provide a finish coating system that resists the humid, corrosive environment. A galvanized acoustic metal deck with a robust paint system can easily last 20-plus years before another application of paint is needed. New Millennium worked with an industry colleague who provided a roof-ceiling assembly that features a warranted finish coating system.

Other approaches to finishing:

  • powder-coating
  • field-applied topcoat over factory-applied primer
  • factory-applied first coat followed by a field-applied topcoat
  • factory application of all coats, delivered to job site ready to install
Versa-Dek® ceiling Merriam community center pool

Versa-Dek’s role in the indoor pool design at Merriam Community Center is to resist the corrosive environment and address ambient noise.

No matter which finishing option is used, coatings must be considered in relation to the accompanying roofing system, fasteners and deck attachments. All could impact the coating in some way.

Deck panels are stitched along their sides by either welds or screws (side-lap attachment). If pre-finished, welding in the field is not recommended, as welds may permanently mar the deck. Attaching to structural members can be accomplished by either welds or shot-pinning. Again, if the deck is pre-finished, welding is not recommended.

Mitigating ambient noise

Whether it’s Versa-Dek or Deep-Dek® Cellular, acoustical batts placed in the cavity of the deck can achieve a noise reduction coefficient well over .80, ideal for large, open facilities.

In aggressive pool environments, encapsulated acoustical batts protect the fiberglass. Acoustical elements sit on a continuous spacer to allow air around the batt and prevent direct contact with the steel. This mitigates the potential for humidity or condensation to affect the fiberglass elements.

In addition to integrating acoustic options, the deck cavities of architectural deck also contribute to the visual appeal. Both the acoustic and non-acoustic versions of these decks conceal all roof fasteners, creating a clean, lineal appearance.

Proven expertise in indoor pool design

New Millennium has extensive experience in natatorium and recreation center design. Our steel building systems, skilled specialists and range of capabilities at our plants nationwide make us the ideal partner for your next aquatic project. Contact us today.


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