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5 essential new credit-hour courses for steel building systems

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Keeping track of construction trends is tough. These education courses get you up to speed and award industry credit.

Trends, advancements and developments come and go quickly in the building design and construction industry. What you think you know now might not reflect the latest best practices or tried-and-true methods.

Continuing education courses enable you to keep up to date with the latest practices and keep pace with your competitors.

New Millennium Building Systems has introduced five new and updated courses for architects, engineers, project owners and others working with steel building systems. Each course offers AIA LU/HSW or PDH credit. All are designed to provide the knowledge and skills to improve project performance, accelerate construction timelines and control project costs.

Digging Deeper into the Design of Joists

This intermediate-level course is designed to provide engineers with knowledge to become more-informed steel joist specifiers. Armed with this advanced knowledge, engineers can more efficiently collaborate with New Millennium joist engineers early during the design phase of a project. Together, they can then accelerate the process, cut costs and improve the project-delivery timeline.

Specifically, this course covers code requirements, special design considerations and engineering for cost accountability. Larger learning objectives include addressing deflection and camber; accounting for special loading and uplift; and understanding the responsibilities in preparing contract documents, among others.

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Become a more-informed steel joist supplier with his intermediate course offering continuing education credit.

Designing Smarter Places of Learning

The design and construction of education spaces can have a direct impact on students’ quality of learning. Steel building systems offer a series of advantages that can be tailored for learning environments at all levels—from primary schools to higher education.

This course provides an analysis of structural design of roof and floor systems for education facilities using steel joists and deck. Course-takers will learn about open floor plan designs that create flexible, adaptive spaces; the importance of acoustical design; selecting building materials and a structural layout with optimal efficiency; and substrate and coating options for holistic floor and ceiling system design.

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Acoustical deck SW Legacy school computer lab

Learn about efficient design of facilities at all levels of education.

Total Steel Project Performance

This updated video course uses real-world projects to show how collaboration on steel joist and deck design reduces overall costs. The course reveals the hidden costs and risks that can be avoided when project teams coordinate early during the structural design phase.

Among the lessons in the course: how incomplete structural drawings lead to unexpected costs; the need for an efficient RFI process; how and where to improve project cost and performance through early steel joist and deck design collaboration; when to specify a composite roof and floor system to optimize project cost and performance; and how BIM can improve project cost and performance.

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Multifamily + Hospitality: Benefits of building in long-span composite floor systems

This short introductory “nano-unit” course can be completed in under 20 minutes. It will outline how long-span composite floor systems provide unique advantages in the construction of multi-family and hospitality facilities.

Students will learn what composite deck is, how it works, what typical composite deck profiles look like, and guidelines for using composite floor systems.

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Exterior of Aloft Hotel Ocean City

In less than 20 minutes, this course covers the unique advantages of composite floor systems in multi-family and hospitality buildings.

Structural Game Changer: Winning solution for curved-wall gymnasium design

The design and construction of the gymnasium at Rogers High School in Rogers, Arkansas, faced several challenges. This course explains how the project team collaborated on a solution using standard joists, special profile joists and acoustic roof deck.

Although it is a “nano unit” course, several important points will be covered:

  • How reconfiguring the joist layout saved cost and time
  • The different types of standard and special profile joists
  • The pros and cons of acoustic deck vs. ceiling tile
  • MEP integration and finishing options for acoustic deck

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