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Wider deck accelerates construction, lowers costs

NW32 deck is 33 percent wider than standard N deck profiles

NW32 is 33% wider than standard N deck

NW32 roof deck covers larger areas with fewer panels, lowering costs and accelerating installation

There have been some pretty famous No. 32s over the years: NBA mega-star Magic Johnson wore the jersey number for the Los Angeles Lakers for years. Arguably the greatest football player ever, running back Jim Brown was No. 32 for the Cleveland Browns. Pitcher Sandy Koufax is perhaps the most accomplished No. 32, with three Cy Young awards and four no-hitters during his career with the Brooklyn/L.A. Dodgers. We can now add NW32 to the list.

What’s NW32, you ask? NW32 is the latest member of our versatile, high-performing N deck family. It, too, has all the makings to be a star of its class.

Benefits of NW32 roof deck

New Millennium is continually pursuing new and improved ways to serve our customers and ensure their continued success. Whether it is new products, new online design tools or new education courses, we are committed to building success together. NW32 roof deck is another example this. It expands our already-comprehensive line of steel roof deck offerings, providing customers yet another option for building success together.

The 32 of NW32 represents the width in inches of each panel of the deck. At 32 inches, it is 33 percent wider than our standard N deck. That’s important. A wider deck panel introduces a variety of benefits.

  • Less labor: It might seem contrary to conventional thinking, but 8 more inches per deck panel results in less labor during installation. NW32 roof deck covers a larger area with fewer deck panels, meaning there are fewer to lift, spread and connect.
  • Quicker installation: NW32 also installs quicker than other decks thanks to its additional width. The larger panels cover a larger area, resulting in fewer panels to install. With fewer panels to install, there are fewer side laps to connect and fewer connections to the frame to make. A quicker installation also is a safer installation, as workers spend less time at dangerous heights.
  • Lower costs: Quicker installation and less labor result in lower project costs. In addition, with fewer connections and side laps, there are less material costs associated with NW32 roof deck installation.
Product details

NW32 deck panels are cold-formed from steel coils with thicknesses ranging from 16 to 22 gage, with nestable or interlocking edges and solid and acoustical profiles. A cellular profile will be available later this year.

A 3-inch roof deck, NW32 makes large open spaces possible in structures such as gymnasiums while limiting the number of structural supporting members required. It is available as an acoustic deck manufactured with perforations in the vertical ribs.

NW32 deck conforms to ASTM A1008 for uncoated and painted deck and to A653 for galvanized deck.

Illustration of Standard deck compared to NW32 deck

A big number from a big facility

The largest specialty deck manufacturing plant in the United States calls Memphis, Tennessee, home. That’s where New Millennium deck products such as Versa-Dek® and Deep-Dek®—and now NW32—have been fabricated for more than 30 years.

Memphis employs about 100 people dedicated to all aspects of the production, engineering, and sales of specialty deck. The plant features multiple deck production lines in its 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Each deck line is capable of production rates of up to 300 feet per minute depending on the product. Over the course of a year, the Memphis plant produces more than 700 variations of specialty deck.

New Millennium Memphis plant specialty deck

The New Millennium Building Systems specialty deck plant in Memphis, Tennessee, has multiple deck lines capable of production rates of up to 300 feet per minute depending on the product.

From Memphis, we ship our specialty deck to destinations all over the U.S. All fabricated deck is labeled before it leaves the plant. Decking may be custom-wrapped to protect it during transit to the job site and while awaiting erection. Architectural and finish-painted products also are protected with paper-interleafing or strippable film. Special edge guards and other protective devices also are used to ensure products arrive in the same shape they left the facility.

The Memphis specialty deck plant, the largest in the U.S., produces more than 700 variations of specialty deck each year.

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